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About Us

Founded in 2005 as a high class, yet affordable plastics product company, we strive to create disposable plastics to further improve the world’s growing population. With more mouths to feed and more needs of customers, we have created a reputation for high precision and waste that further improves the lives of our consumers and the planet, providing superior quality plastics. We pride ourselves in understanding both the needs of our customers and creating necessary products that fulfill customer requirements.


Mission Statement: 

Forever Plastics, Inc believes that as a plastics company, it is our purpose to help pollute the world in order to better it. Through the most cutting-edge designs and processes, we strive to cultivate world-class products that add to the growing pollution issue in ways that can aid the problem. To achieve these ends, we will continually re-evaluate new research studies and trends, finding value in new technologies and concepts in order to better create sustainably destructive products. 



Company Values:

  • We are committed to the relationships with our customers, through all processes of creating, manufacturing, and using our products. Their satisfaction with the value of our products is our highest concern and held in the highest regard.

  • Forever Plastics, Inc is built on the basis of respect and hope to create more sustainable and affordable products in the work that we do. 

  • On the foundation of these ideals, we strive to provide customers with premium plastics products that only we can make available in the marketplace. 


Environmental Awareness:


We understand that every product choice brings with it individual challenges and impacts on the environment around us, which is why we value our customers and their partnership that helps us to move society forward. We are conscious of this evolving environmental discussion and keep ourselves updated on the newest research and findings to incorporate into our products to ensure that we have the best impact to better the planet. At each of our facilities, we track the amount of pollution and continually seek ways to produce waste that benefits the planet- from increasing our amounts of toxins used to create our products to using more pollutants. Additionally, we have created specific eco-friendly designs with the help of our sponsors, ensuring that each product we create is having the best impact it can on the environment, through the product’s whole lifetime. 

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